The Plate

In India, the traditional utensils used at any meal are rice and bread.

The popular Thali variant that comes in many small bowls is aimed at the Asiatic style of eating without utensils.
We know, however, that there are many people who are not so familiar with this technique, and prefer not to get greasy fingers from dunking and dipping.

For this reason, we serve Thali in our restaurant on a compact, segmented plate:

5 segments for 5 menu elements.*

Alongside these is a large space (on which comes rice and bread), for preparing bite-sized portions using knife, fork and spoon.

In southern India, there is a highly colourful, and environmentally friendly, tradition of serving Thali on a banana leaf. A custom worth adopting!
Sadly, we don't have the banana trees...

*Because it needs to remain refrigerated, salad cannot be integrated into hot menus in our delivery service. However, we will add it separately as an accompaniment, at additional charge.


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